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UIF Claim options – Natural Disaster


UIF Claim options – Natural Disaster

Please be advised that UIF has implemented new measures to assist our clients during this unfortunate crisis. The documents attached explains in detail but see below a brief on the three documents for ease of reference. Most importantly all these documents can now be submitted via email.

I have also attached the latest UIF Easy Aid for Corona (Corona Final) which is an updated version received today, and particular attention should be given to point 2, as the criteria is not applicable anymore. The same documentation however still needs to be submitted as per point 1 below. Most companies will be claiming under point 1 below, however, all UIF payments on SARS must be up to date in order to qualify.


If a company contemplates a short term shut down, they are required to inform the Unemployment Insurance Fund for guidance. Section 12 (1B) covers a contributor employed in any sector who loses his or her income due to reduces working time, despite still being employed, is entitled to apply for benefits.

The following forms are required:
UI 2.1 (application form) – See reduced working hours attachment, to be signed by the employee
UI19 (see UI19 attached) and UI2.7 (completed by Employer) – See Reduced working hours attached
UI 2.8 (banking details form completed by the bank) – In the current circumstances a bank statement will do, and no need for the bank to stamp it.
A letter from the Employer confirming company shutdown or employee’s “temporary lay-off” is due to the Corona Virus ( Reduced work time )
Copy of Employee’s ID document

In terms of section 13(3) of the Unemployment Insurance Act, as amended the accumulation of credits is at the of 4:1 ( every 4 days worked and contributed, 1-day credit is accrued ) in a 4-year cycle from the date of unemployment up a maximum of 365 days. In terms of section 12(1) b of the Unemployment Insurance Act, as amended, the maximum UI benefit will be paid as per the benefit structure if the employer pay R 0.00 amount to the employee during the shutdown period. However, if a certain Rand value is paid during the shutdown period, then the UI benefit will be reduced (the difference between the benefit level and amount received as income)


This portion corresponds to cases where companies decide that a contributor has to be self quarantined for 14 days and or in special circumstances more than 14 days, the contributor will be covered under Part C of the Unemployment Insurance Act, as amended (Illness benefits)

The current Illness application process will apply with the following exception:

A Confirmation Letter from both the employer and employee must be submitted together with the Illness application as proof that both the employer and employee have agreed to the 14 days ‘special leave’.

The letters will replace the medical certificate on the Illness application form (UI2.2) as the beneficiary would have self – quarantined without prior consultation with a medical practitioner. Benefits will be paid based on these letters.

The following forms are required

UI2.2 ( medical portion to be ignored )
UI19 and UI2.7 ( to be completed by Employer)
UI 2.8 (banking details completed by the bank)
Copy of ID document.
Employer / Employee confirmation ( standard letters are attached for


Should an employee be quarantined for more than 14 days, a medical certificate from a medical practitioner must be submitted together with the

Continuation Form UI3 to be completed at the expiry of the 14 days for payment to be executed into the employee’s bank account

If the period is beyond 14 days, further UI3 is required with a completed medical portion for payment into the employee’s bank account.

A claim for illness as per the stated scenario can be lodged through the Online at: www.ufiling.co.za. (Illness benefits)
Or email or fax the illness application to the nearest UIF processing Centre.
Application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Employment and Labour website: www.labour.gov.za


This portion corresponds to cases where the contributor passes on due to coronavirus in terms of Part F of the Unemployment Insurance Act, as amended.
Benefits are paid to the beneficiaries of the deceased. The current deceased application process and practice will remain as is for now, until indicated otherwise.

Furthermore, the fund will now accept ALL applications via email, fax or dropbox.

Email address is Capet.BCP@labour.gov.za – Metro
Fax 0864397300 Cape Town

You can click on the below links to access the correlating documentation regarding the above.
Unemployment Act As Amended Response To The Coronavirus: CORONA LETTER
Unemployment Insurence Act: UI19 NEW
Unemployment Insurence Act 63 As Amended Remuneration Recieved By The Employee Whilst Still In Employment: REDUCED WORKING HOURS
Easy Aid for Corona Benefits : Easy Aid for Corona Benefits 7
Easy Aid for Corona Benefits Regarding UIF: corona final

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