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Event Liquor Licence: What You Need To Know

Event Liquor Licence

Event Liquor Licence: What You Need To Know

Applying for an event liquor licence can be rather overwhelming. There’s a countless amount of forms and regulations, as well as a confusing deadline. So we’ve decided to help simplify what is needed to successfully obtain a liquor licence for your event.

But before we get started, there are 5 points you need to know:
1. There is a Deadline: There must be 40 days between the date you submit the licence and the date of the event.
2. The Liquor and Event Licence: You need to have already applied for your event licence before you apply for a liquor licence.
3. Fees: You’ll be charged around R350 per day that you sell liquor at your event.
4. DLO Report: This will come from the local SAPS in the area where your event is being held. You’ll be required to submit all licencing documents to the liquor officer for this report.
5. Liquor Trading Times: Trading times are usually restricted between 10am-2am unless your liquor licence states “the trading hours will be determined by the local authority”.

Supporting Documentation

Next, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct supporting documentation.
A) A comprehensive floor plan of the premises. This needs to have the bar area layout, detailing the size of you bar area, where your stock will be held, the size of the consumption area, nearest exit, size of your bar counters and serving areas. It will also need to contain the event layout, which would indicate things like the toilets, stage, tents and consumption areas.
B) A site plan. This will need to describe the premises and show a detailed map with a layout of the event areas, how the traffic will move and park etc…
C) An aerial view map that clearly indicates the event venue.
D) Indexed colour photographs will be needed to show off the intended bar area.
E) A description of the premises that clearly describes the venue and why it is suitable for the event.
F) Written representation in support of the application.
G) Proof of payment for the applicable application fee.
H) A certified copy of the identity card or document, or the passport and visa or permanent residence permit of the applicant if the applicant is a foreigner, or, in the case of an applicant other than a natural person, copies of the relevant registration documents, indicating the identity and, where applicable, the financial interest of all members, directors, partners, beneficiaries or trustees.
I) Other documentation required by the Act or the authority.
J) Affidavit by the applicant that he or she is not disqualified in terms of Section 35 of the Western Cape Liquor Act from holding a liquor licence.
K) Proof of ownership of the proposed licensed premises or if the applicant is not the owner, written consent from the owner of the proposed licensed premises that the applicant may use the proposed licensed premises for the purposes of the licence applied for.
L) A nomination for the appointment of a manager in accordance with regulation 22.

Submitting Your Application

Once you have obtained all the required supporting documentation you can submit it to the local SAPS along with your event application so that they can write a DLO report.

You’ll then need to submit a copy of your event application to the local municipality. So remember to make copies because you’ll also need to have a copy stamped by the local municipality and the local SAPS.

Need a liquor licence for your next event? Contact us to learn how we can ensure you stand the best possible chance of obtaining a licence for your premises.

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  • Nicola Juan Binneman
    Posted at 16:39h, 03 Sep Reply

    Good day, I would like to apply for a permanent liquor license for a mobile trailer. How can you help me please?

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