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Additional Storage Space For Liquor Requires A License

Additional Storage Space For Liquor Requires A License

Additional Storage Space For Liquor Requires A License

Under the Western Cape Liquor Act, liquor is only allowed to be stored on your registered premises. However, as you grow your business, you might find that you will need more space to store your liquor. You will then need to apply for additional storage space. This doesn’t need to be on site, it can be in a completely different building and should be within the Western Cape. 

You might also find that when you apply for a liquor licence you will already know that you will need another storage facility. For example, if you are licencing a restaurant and it has limited space, you can then apply for additional space along with your application.



Section 57 of the Western Cape Liquor Act, No 4 of 2008 states that liquor may only be stored on the registered and approved premises as indicated on your plan. If you require any additional storage space, you will then need to send an application through to the WCLA.

It is important to note that liquor may not be sold or supplied from any other premises other than the one which has been registered. In other words, you may not sell or supply liquor from your additional storage space.



There are two ways which you could apply for more storage space. The first is to send a request for additional storage space along with your liquor licence application. The second way is to send an application through after you have been granted your liquor licence.

This new application will have to be lodged along with the following required documents;

 ·  A map indicating the location of the additional space;

·   A detailed plan of the storage space. This plan must clearly set out;

·    The dimensions of the additional storage area;

·    Doors leading to or within the area;

·    Windows and counters;

·    All means of access to the area;

·    A clear description or map indicating the shortest route from your registered address to the additional storage area, with reference to the geographical area;

·    Proof that the R250.00 application fee has been paid; and

·    Written motivation in support of your application.



A Designated Liquor Officer will need to complete a report approving your space for storage. The Officer will need to send a copy of the report to you.

You will then have 7 days in which to reply to the report if necessary. The Officer will have 14 days after you have submitted your application to lodge the report with the relevant Authority. 

The Presiding Officer will then have a month in which to either grant or deny your request. If your application is granted then you will be notified of the decision and you will then need to pay the application fee. After 7 days of being notified you will be issued a written consent. 



With our vast experience and extensive knowledge in liquor licence applications, we will be able to make this application on your behalf and make this process as painless as possible. We will make sure that we receive all the correct information from you, submit all documents timeously and correctly as well as follow up in order to get your application granted as soon as possible.

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